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When ordering your Texas driving record, you have two options: order the record yourself or let us order your driving record for you.

If you are taking our course to remove a traffic ticket from your Texas driving record, keep in mind that some courts require a review of your driving record before granting the dismissal. These courts require a certified copy of your driving record, which means that you’ll need to order a Type 3A record. However, as the Department of Public Safety offers six different driving records, mistakes are always possible; especially if you are unaccustomed to ordering agency records.

That is where our package deal helps streamline the process. This package is $45.00 and includes our defensive driving course along with your Type 3A certified driving record in Texas. Simply order the course and your driving record at one time, and we will take care of preparing your record while you concentrate on completing the course.

We handle all communication with the Department of Public Safety regarding accessing your driving record and will make sure that you receive the correct document. You will not have to worry about filling out the correct paperwork and you can rest assured that you will receive your record in a timely matter.

Even if the court ruling on your traffic ticket does not require a certified Texas driving record, it never hurts to review it. Tickets place points against your license and if they accumulate, your driver’s license can be suspended. Taking advantage of this package gives you an opportunity to review the record for possible errors and prevent point accumulation that can put your license at risk.

At Affordable Driver Safety, we are prepared to answer any questions about obtaining your driving record in Texas. Call us today at 1-800-460-1398 or select the package deal below to start the ordering process now!

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