The Rewards of Defensive Driving

  • • Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket
  • • Save on Auto Insurance
  • • Learn to Drive More Safely

Benefits of Texas Defensive Driving Courses

Taking a Texas Defensive Driving course is a good idea for all drivers in the state. Whether you have recently received a Texas traffic ticket, are looking to save a little money, or, would simply like to improve your driving skills, defensive driving programs can help. The benefits that you will receive after completion are very rewarding and are definitely worth the low cost and few hours that it will take to finish!

Dismiss Your Texas Traffic Ticket

Completing a Texas defensive driving course for ticket dismissal is a great idea. Every time you receive a Texas traffic ticket and choose to simply pay the fines you are allowing points to be added to your driving record. These points are bad news. Most Convictions received in Texas will equal two points added to you record, while those receive outside of the state will add three points to your record. These points remain on your record for three years. Points on your driving record are bad for two reasons:

  1. Having points on your driving record can raise your auto insurance rates since they are used to calculate your risk as a driver.
  2. If you accumulate more than six points, in accordance with the Driver Responsibility Program, you will have to pay a yearly surcharge of $150 and $25 for every point over six.

When you keep your driving record clean by taking a Texas defensive driving course for ticket dismissal, you are saving yourself money in potential auto insurance increases and surcharges.

Texas Point System

Get an Auto Insurance Discount

Another great benefit of completing a Texas defensive driving course is receiving an auto insurance discount. While it is not mandatory, many Texas auto insurance providers offer discounts to policy holders who have completed the program. To see if your insurance company offers this discount, contact your insurance agent. You can also visit the Texas Department of Insurance Auto Insurance Policy Coverage Comparison Chart and select the common discounts box to see which companies offer the Defensive Driving discount. If your provider doesn’t offer this, you may want to consider switching. You can save yourself quite a lot of money with an auto insurance discount, which is usually around 10%.

Become a Better, Safer Driver

In addition to securing ticket dismissal and an auto insurance discount, the best benefit of completing a Texas defensive driving course is the knowledge you will gain. The purpose of these driver safety programs is to increase your driving skills and decrease the chance of being involved in a traffic accident or receiving more Texas traffic tickets. You’ll learn Defensive Driving Tactics, emergency driving solutions, the risks of driving while under the influence and many more lessons that could save your life one day!

Texas Defensive Driving Topics Covered

Get These Benefits for Yourself!

Now that you know all of the rewards that come from completing a Texas defensive driving course, you’re probably ready to get started. Luckily, it is very easy to do so. Our defensive driving video course is Quick, Easy and Affordable for everyone. Enroll now and you can be done before bedtime!